About Us – a people in mission

Trinity United Methodist Church
216 Arizona St
Bisbee, AZ 85603

Worship is Sundays at Noon.

Church Phone: (520) 432-2696

Rev. Jim Perdue: (480) 392-1672

We are a local church that shares in God’s mission in the Southern District of the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church. Our bishop is Bishop Bob Hoshibata and our Missional Strategist and District Superintendent is The Reverend Mark Conrad

The Trinity United Methodist Church building is located in the heart of the Warren District of Bisbee, AZ (see map below).  We have been here in mission for almost 100 years.  Membership in our church is always open. We welcome visitors and faith seekers of all ages, nationalities, races, ethnicities, and orientations.

We believe that God has an active, ongoing mission among all people within Bisbee and its surrounding communities and ranches. Our mission as a church is to seek out where God is in mission within this “parish” by reaching out and including friends, neighbors, and visitors in God’s mission with us.

Our weekly worship of God is held in the sanctuary of the church building on Sundays at 1 PM, lasting less than an hour. We are open to using a variety of music and images. Worship attire is casual and the atmosphere is kid friendly. Nursery space is available if needed by the parents, but children are an important part of a worship atmosphere. We have fellowship time, with coffee, tea, juice, snacks and conversation both before and after worship. It is a good time to get to know each other more.

We celebrate Holy Communion (The Eucharist or Lord’s Supper) in worship on the first Sunday of each month. In the tradition of Methodist founder John Wesley over 300 years ago, communion for us is open to all. That includes even people who are not yet Christian, but who are seeking God’s grace in their lives.Wesley’s welcome still rings in our church: “Ye that do truly and earnestly repent of your sins, and are in love and charity with your neighbors; and intend to lead a new life, walking henceforth in God’s holy way; draw near with faith, and take this holy sacrament to your comfort.” We also serve communion to all ages, including the smallest children, under their parents’ or Christian sponsors’ guidance.

Two mission events are the cornerstone of our mission with the community: the Holy Moly Thrift Shop, which provides good used items at a price accessible to all and supports local community service activities; and the Trinity Preschool, which serves the formational needs of the children of working families of the Bisbee area. We are constantly assessing new ministry needs based on what we discover by engaging our community. If you sense new ministry directions in which God might be leading, please Contact Us.